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Stay Ready For Childcare Licensing Checklists {INSTANT PRINTABLE/DOWNLOAD}

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I know what it's like to feel your next licensing visit might catch you unprepared!  It can be nerve-racking to think the next knock on your door might be your licensing analyst.

Well not anymore!

Finally, we have our checklist!  When it comes to a licensing visit the goal is to help you be prepared so that when it happens (we all know it's coming), you're ready and the licensing analyst can do their job and be on their way as soon as possible.  

This CHECKLIST is broken down into 5, easy-to-follow parts so you could choose to knock everything on a daily basis each week or you could get everything done once a week.  Or you could take a whole day to work on it and then do weekly spot checks.  AND DONE!

How to use the Checklist for Childcare Licensing

You can use this checklist however it best suits your needs.  Whether that is to perform routine, weekly, or monthly self-checks.  The important thing is to schedule and perform the checks regularly as needed.  Whatever keeps you on top of things.

Remember somethings might be applicable for you and somethings may not.  Let's agree to move on past the items that we don't need and on to the ones we do. 

For example walkers, bouncers or jumpers.  The list says these items are to be removed and not used in care.  However, if that is not a mandate according to your licensing agency, just ignore that item.

Similarly, if you find you have additional requirements that are not included in the checklist, I have left space where you can insert those items under "OTHER".   Always check with your licensing authority to make sure you are aware how to stay compliant.


Childcare Licensing



Adding this series of checklists to your arsenal and you will never need to get ready for licensing again because you will stay ready all the time!


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