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  • Description
  • Are the holidays turning your daycare into a winter wonderland of chaos?


    PROBLEM SOLVED: Tired of turning your daycare into Santa's workshop and feeling more like an elf than a childcare provider? The Holiday Provider Planner is here to rescue you from the holiday madness, keeping your sanity intact and making this festive season the most wonderful time of the year!


    • Annual Calendar: Plan your entire holiday season at a glance.
    • 3-Month Calendar: Dive deeper into your festive plans, ensuring no holiday is left uncelebrated.
    • Weekly Planner: Break down your weeks, making every day merrier.
    • Weekly Meal Planner: Ensure bellies are filled with holiday cheer and nutritious goodies.
    • Baking List: Keep track of all the delicious treats destined for little tummies.
    • Gift List & Ideas: Santa's got his list; now you have yours, ensuring no child goes gift-less.
    • Christmas Card List: Spread holiday joy with personalized greetings.
    • Gift Received: Keep track of who's been naughty and nice in the gift-giving department.
    • Project List: Organize all your holiday-themed crafts and activities.
    • Project Supplies: Ensure you have everything for each magical project.
    • Things To Do List: Because the holidays are full of joyful tasks (and maybe a few snowball fights).
    • Notes: Jot down your brilliant ideas before they vanish like melting snow.
    • Blank List: For those unexpected holiday surprises you want to remember.
    • Thank You Notecards: Express gratitude with a touch of holiday charm.

    OUR GOAL: Transform your daycare into a winter wonderland without turning you into a frazzled snowman!

    DESCRIPTION: Picture this: a daycare where the holiday season is filled with joy, laughter, and no frantic last-minute searches for that misplaced bag of glitter. With the Holiday Provider Planner, you'll not only survive the holiday chaos but thrive in it! This festive toolkit is designed for daycare owners like you, who juggle more than just sugarplums during the holidays.

    The Annual Calendar lets you plan your entire holiday journey, while the 3-Month Calendar dives deep into the festivities. The Weekly Planner breaks down your weeks, making sure every day is merrier than the last. And when it comes to keeping those little bellies filled with holiday cheer, the Weekly Meal Planner has you covered.

    From crafting lists for baking, gifts, and projects to managing holiday cards and expressing gratitude with Thank You Notecards, this planner is your golden ticket to a stress-free holiday season. Say goodbye to chaotic schedules, lost checklists, and the never-ending quest for that misplaced bag of glitter. The Holiday Provider Planner is your guiding star through the holiday mayhem!

    Don't let the holiday chaos turn your daycare into a winter warzone.

    Grab your FREE Holiday Provider Planner now and sleigh the season with ease! But hurry, the offer is as fleeting as Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. Make this holiday season the merriest yet, one organized checklist at a time!

    VALUE PRICE: $19.99 but it's FREE FOR YOU! (limited-time offer - because we believe in spreading holiday cheer and savings!)

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