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  •  *Suggested binding style. This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT.  No physical book will be shipped.
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  • Get TWO of our most POPULAR provider resources in this BUNDLE!

    The Parent Issues Bundle

    Dealing With Daycare Parents -

    Client confrontation after confrontation?

    So you do all this work, advertise, someone called, they come for a tour, and now they want to sign up. You got a new client! YEA!

    So how did we get to only a month later and it's turning into confrontation after confrontation? Just about every conversation is a confrontation.

    Well before the next irruption and hopefully long before you think of terminating that client, you probably worked so hard to get,  Let's see if we can't turn things around. Let's see how providers can have effective communication with childcare parents without constant confrontations.

    Learn how to communicate without compromise!

    In this guide, you will learn why communication with childcare clients might be straining, how to leave the confrontation and confusion behind, and instead effectively communicate with daycare parents. You will also learn a proven process for maintaining client retention without compromising your policies. 

    Create better interactions with your daycare parents.


    Dealing with Daycare Parents

     *Suggested binding style. This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT.  No physical book will be shipped.


    A step-by-step guide to creating better communication with clients!

    Are you ready to stop feeling frustrated every time you have to talk with parents?  GREAT!  

    In Dealing with Daycare Parents I'm sharing with you my proven method for talking with childcare parents.  I'll show you how to effectively communicate with clients and enforce your policies & procedures at the same time.

    It is possible to concentrate on communicating without constant confrontation, and with Dealing with Daycare Parents, I will show you exactly how it's done. 



    The Little Backbone Book -

    18 Ridiculously Easy Notes to Communicate With Daycare Clients

    Parents Taking Advantage?

    Do you hate when parents take advantage of you? Do you feel like you are a pushover and need to get a backbone when dealing with clients? Are you a childcare provider, or daycare director, or someone wanting to get started in childcare? Or just someone who wants to know how to communicate better with your clients? You are probably a person who likes to be efficient with their time and not do any more work than is necessary — so you have more time to get everything else done. One thing we all have in common is that most of all we want positive, effective ways to deal with parents, don’t we?

    Are You Frustrated?  Well, today I’ve got a solution for the client confrontation/frustration. The frustration that probably occurs regularly in more businesses than just mine, lol.

    I hate that feeling of being taken advantage of or not knowing how to effectively get clients to follow my policies. So I’ve put together a book of 18 short notes to parents — I call them my backbone, well the book is called the LITTLE BACKBONE BOOK (or LBB for short).

  •  *Suggested binding style. This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT.  No physical book will be shipped.
  • The notes in this book are created to make communications with parents a little lot easier. Mostly they consist of just short, straight-to-the-point notes that get your policies across. Many can be just copied and pasted into a quick email or text, as is. And yet they are GOOD, QUICK but effective confident communications that parents will respond to.


    Created to make communications with parents a little lot easier! Now when I need to fill a parent in on a key policy, I have a prewritten note ready to go.

    Here are a few of the topics covered in the book:

    • Late Tuition Payments
    • Abusing Drop-off/Pick-up Times
    • Bringing Toys from Home
    • Finicky Eaters
    • Eating before arriving
    • Parents not following policies
    • MORE!

    I love making things easier for providers! So that we can reduce some of the stress in our lives and be successful business owners at the same time. Whether it’s starting a childcare, or finding clients, or resources for running our business or dealing with difficult issues, I like to share ideas for streamlining it all — cuz life’s too short to try to not help each other. ; )


    Get The Parent Issues Bundle TODAY! 

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