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I Can Play It: Music games and activities to help your child learn

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  • Description
  • Description
  • by Patricia Shehan Campbell (Author), Maja Pitamic (Author)


    Let the music play and watch the fun begin! Written by a college music professor and an author/teacher with over 18 years of experience teaching the Montessori Method, I Can Play It helps children explore their natural ability to interact with their environments as they make sweet musical sounds. Current scientific research has proven the importance of the musical experience in children's neuromuscular growth, cognitive-intellectual grasp, and social-emotional development. Plus, it's just so much fun! Each of the activities in this book are designed to inspire expressiveness, curiosity, imagination, and musicality. Based on sound principles of early childhood development and focused on preschoolers and kindergarteners, I Can Play It will help::

    • Introduce three- to five-year-olds to music in a joyful, hands-on way
    • Encourage children and parents to have fun together
    • Reveal the musical potential in each of us through voice and body percussion
    • Explore the rhythm of speech and song accompanied by instruments as well as easy-to-find objects at home
    • Make suggestions for integrating music in everyday activities:

    This enjoyable guide to musical exploration is packed with kid-pleasing, skill-building activities that will keep them laughing, singing, and moving all day long. Open up the world of music to children and watch them learn how to express themselves in entertaining, educational, and enriching ways.

    Softbound, 160 pages