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PLAYbook: Everyday Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers

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  • Description
  • Description

  • PLAYbook translates the most current research and best-practice strategies into predictable daily activities. And it is aligned with early learning standards and assessment systems!

    PLAYbook organizes your classroom and your child care center. It provides everything you need. Relationships are at the heart of every activity. The structure inspires you, and every teacher, to be your best. Every child will begin life with a love for learning and the confidence to succeed.

    The curriculum includes 12 monthly themed-based manuals and a user's guide.

    No need to search through multiple sources—everything is at your fingertips. Included in PLAYbook’s monthly manuals are:

    • Lesson plans and activities that are fresh, creative, and meet early learning standards
    • Weekly schedules and supply lists that make it easy for you to begin each week with confidence
    • Small- and large-group activities designed for children’s growing developmental abilities
    • Learning objectives and documentation that support seeing and recording developmental progress
    • Master handouts for all activities
    • Teacher topics and guidance that keep the what, why, and how easily accessible
    • Parent-engagement activities with HOMEwork and other strategies that work

    With PLAYbook you will look forward with confidence to each day of teaching.

    12 manuals, 1 user guide

    PLAYbook: Everyday Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers (Spiralbound Guides)

    A definitive curriculum, specifically designed for infants and toddlers

    Author: Terrie Rose

    About the Author:

    Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Terrie Rose began her career at the Irving B. Harris Center for Infant and Toddler Development at the University of Minnesota. She holds a PhD in Educational Psychology from University of Minnesota. For fifteen years, Dr. Rose oversaw the development of Baby’s Space, a full-service child care and family education center located in the heart of the urban American Indian community of Minneapolis. She is the recipient of several fellowships, including Ashoka, a global organization for social entrepreneurs.

    With PLAYbook you will look forward with confidence to each day of teaching.

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