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The Provider Planner & Organizer eBook [INSTANT PRINTABLE/DOWNLOAD]

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Wouldn't it be great if there was something to help the provider stay organized and even plan for future events? Well, I heard you and I have created something just for you, the childcare provider. 

Introducing ... 

The Provider's Planner & Organizer (Ebook Dated Version)

The Provider Planner & Organizer is the organizational system that can handle the busy life & business of a daycare provider.



 *Suggested binding style. This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT.  No physical book will be shipped.

Almost 200 pages!

I knew that not just any planner would do.  I wanted to create a go-to, grab this when you need to get something done planner.


This planner is made specifically for the Childcare Provider and helping the provider get it all done!

The Provider Planner & Organizer contains a 2-Page Monthly Calendar, income & expense trackers, a notes section, inspirational quotes, and fun holidays such as Provider Appreciation Day and Dinosaur Day!  The weekly spreads include space to write your curriculum & activity plans for the entire week.


UPDATED:  Now includes Canadian holidays too!

Contains almost 200 pages for you to download, pick & choose which ones will work for you.

A $59.99 Value

This planner is sure to get you organized for a productive new year of growing your childcare business all year long and is especially great for the new provider.  

The planner was created as an ebook to be cost-effective.  That way you can choose which forms you want to use and make copies of just those forms.

It may look almost the same on the outside, but inside we have given the Provider Planner & Organizer™ a complete makeover.  Because everyone deserves a makeover at least once a year rite?  It’s both colorful and refined, and we think it is the perfect way to take your planning to the next level in the coming year.

This new edition of the Provider Planner & Organizer™ was released last year in a dated format so that providers could use it during the upcoming holiday season.  Which means you can start using it right away.


 The Provider Planner & Organizer


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Last year we continued to create products designed to be used with The Provider Planner & Organizer™ that are going to blow your mind!

The Provider Planner & Organizer 

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All are designed to work with the Provider Planner & Organizer™ to help you better organize your week and motivate your days, respectively, by helping you customize your to-do lists to make sure that the most important things get done first. 


 *Suggested binding style. No physical book will be shipped.

Here’s the thing--when it first debuted four years ago, I knew the Provider Planner & Organizer™ had the potential to really help my fellow providers. It was the first of its kind—an all-in-one tool not just for planning your days, but for keeping track of your budget, managing your business, planning meals, and scheduling the busy life of a provider.

FAQ about the Planner

And in the years since, the feedback we have received has been pretty incredible. This amazing tool really has changed lives!  But I also knew we could do even better. And so we’ve continued to refine.

Here are just a few of the improvements that we’ve made:


REFINED DESIGN: We have completely redesigned the Provider Planner & Organizer™.  And when I say completely, I really mean it.  We’ve updated our interior with pretty-yet-sophisticated florals and colorful accents. It’s the same planner you know & love, just a little more grown-up.

TWO-PAGE MONTHLY CALENDAR: One of the biggest additions to our makeover is the two-page monthly calendar spread.  Because sometimes you need more room to write down and plan out your month.

ADDITIONS TO THE PLANNER:  Our Monthly Tuition Tracker & Monthly Expenses pages help you easily keep track of income & expenses.  These two pages - found in each and every monthly section - are one of our favorite parts of the planner.  You will also find our EXCLUSIVE Monthly Focus page that will help you focus on the specific goals you have for each month.


Yes, the planner was revolutionary.  Even so, we knew we could make it even better and more intuitive, and so we did!  We promise they will rock your world!

As before, this version of The Provider Planner & Organizer™ is a full-color, printable download eBook that you can begin using right away. It offers space for planning out the year, as well as monthly goal-setting and monthly budget pages.

*This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT. No physical book will be shipped.

BONUS:  When you buy 2022 now, you will receive 2023 FREE!**

Our EXCLUSIVE planner additions and accessories are perfect for customizing your planner, including Monthly Motivational stickers that actually help keep you inspired throughout the month.

The Provider Planner & Organizer™ offers a tangible solution to the chaos of a provider's busy life, and it will empower, enable, and inspire you to take back your time and manage your schedule, allowing you to focus on your short and long-term goals—while still navigating the daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities of running your business.


Don't wait till the new year to start planning it.  Get the Provider Planner & Organizer today, and start using it TODAY!


That’s all for now—have a great day and happy planning!

xoxo, Adrienne

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*This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT. No physical book will be shipped. 
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