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Commercial Licensing Program Terms and Conditions

Commercial Licensing Program Terms and Conditions

1. Licensing Options

a. Single Product Licensing: - Under the Single Product Licensing option, organizations can purchase a license for individual products available in our shop.

b. Sitewide Access Licensing: - Sitewide Access Licensing grants organizations comprehensive access to all products within Thriving Childcare Shop.

2. Licensing Rights

a. Copyright Ownership: - Thriving Childcare Shop retains full copyright ownership of all licensed products. Commercial licensees are granted usage rights but do not gain copyright ownership.

b. Rebranding and White-Labeling: - Commercial licensees have the option to rebrand or white-label the licensed products to suit their specific branding and customization needs.

3. License Duration and Renewal

  • The commercial license is granted for a limited time, typically one (1) year. To continue using the licensed products, commercial licensees must renew their license annually.

4. Licensing Fees

a. Single Product Licensing Fee Calculation: - The licensing fee for a single product is determined based on a formula: - Base Fee + (Customization Fee, if applicable) = Total Fee

b. Sitewide Access Licensing Fee Calculation: - The fee for Sitewide Access Licensing is based on the size and needs of the organization. Organizations will choose from predefined tiers or discuss custom pricing.


  • An organization is interested in licensing a single product, "Childcare Management Mastery," with no customization. The Base Fee for this product is $499. Therefore, the Total Fee for this single product licensing would be $499.

5. Customization Fee (if applicable)

  • If the organization wishes to customize and rebrand the product, a customization fee may be applied, which varies depending on the extent of the requested changes. Customization fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

6. Usage Rights and Responsibilities

  • Commercial licensees are granted the right to use, distribute, and, if chosen, customize the products within the terms of the licensing agreement. They must adhere to any specific usage restrictions outlined in the agreement.

7. Agreement Terms

  • A commercial licensing agreement will be crafted for each licensee, specifying the terms, including copyright ownership, customization options, and usage restrictions.

8. Support and Contact Information

  • Licensees will have access to support and guidance from Thriving Childcare Shop throughout the license period.

9. Questions or Concerns

  • Organizations with questions or concerns about the commercial licensing program or specific products are encouraged to reach out to Thriving Childcare Shop for further clarification and assistance.