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The Provider Planner & Organizer GIVEAWAY

We Want To Help You Plan Your Holiday Season!


Hey there planner enthusiasts and daycare superheroes!

It's GIVEAWAY time 🎉 We've kicked off the holiday season by giving one lucky winner a copy of The Provider Planner & Organizer EVERY WEEK!

You heard that right - EVERY WEEK until Thanksgiving* one lucky winner will get their hands on this planner that's both stylish and super functional, we're giving away fabulous copies of the limited-edition Striped Edition of The Provider Planner & Organizer in a sleek, hardcover format. 🌈💼. 🤩

So, no more juggling post-it notes and scribbled to-do lists! Let The Provider Planner & Organizer take charge and guide you through daycare management like a breeze. 🌪️

Oh, and here's a little secret... 🤫 This Striped Edition is so charming that even your daycare kids might want one for themselves! 😄

Ready to enter the giveaway? Just click the link below and fill out your deets! Remember, only ONE entry per person, folks. We're all about fairness here! 🤝

👉 Click Here to Enter the Giveaway

Now, you might be wondering how we'll pick the lucky winners, right? It's simple, really!  Adrienne will spin a virtual wheel on The Daycare Q&A Show at 10:00 AM PST, EVERY WEEK till Thanksgiving*.

Remember, it's all about fun, adventure, and making life as daycare owners a tad easier with The Provider Planner & Organizer. 🚀

Don't miss this chance to win big! Enter now and let's make this holiday season & 2024 unforgettable! 🥳

See you on the other side, planner pals!

Good luck! 🍀


*Entries accepted until 11/23/23, 11:59 PM PST.