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ENROLLMENT FEE WORKSHEET - Fee Breakdown Worksheet for Childcare Providers and Parents {INSTANT PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD}

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  • Description
  • TIP:  This worksheet is the perfect companion to our Childcare Enrollment Envelopes!
  • Description

    Do you ever forget to remind your clients about what needs to be paid at the time of enrollment?  I used to do that all the time.  Which unfortunately usually led to an awkward conversation about additional fees still due.

    I finally realized that if I just spelled it out for my clients it was a much easier transaction.

    Which is why I created the Enrollment Fee Worksheet.  The worksheet makes it so simple and clear which fees are due at enrollment. 

    Have a different fee structure?  No problem!  You can customize the form for whatever your business needs are.

    Avoid awkward conversations.  Make it clear to your new clients!

    Grab this worksheet to include either during tours or with your enrollment forms.

    The use of the Enrollment Fee Worksheet can be very informative to both the provider and the parent. These worksheets are great because they give the parent a complete breakdown of what they are paying. 

    Use this worksheet during a tour or as part of your enrollment process.

  • TIP:  This worksheet is the perfect companion to our Childcare Enrollment Envelopes!

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