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Toddler + Pre-K + K Mega Montessori Friendly Curriculum Bundle [INSTANT PRINTABLE/DOWNLOAD]

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  • Description
  • *This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT. No physical book will be shipped.
  • Description
  • πŸŽ“ Looking for a MEGA solution to make learning a blast for your little ones?

    The Toddler + Pre-K + K Mega Montessori Friendly Curriculum Bundle - the ultimate learning companion for preschool and kindergarten (ages 3-6)! Get ready for a treasure trove of worksheets, activities, routine cards, homeschool planners, and more. This educational and Montessori-friendly bundle will have your kids engaged, entertained, and acquiring new skills in no time!


    PROBLEM SOLVED: Tired of searching high and low for engaging educational resources that cater to the needs of your preschool or kindergarten kids? Look no further! This mega bundle has got you covered, offering a comprehensive solution to keep your little learners excited about exploring new concepts and developing essential skills.

    Now Available in 2 Formats: PDF or DVD


    • 🌈 100 illustrated worksheets to stimulate creativity and cognitive abilities.
    • πŸ“ 150 Montessori paper materials for hands-on learning experiences.
    • πŸ‘€ 50 sight word worksheets to enhance reading and language skills.
    • 🐾 60 animal-themed worksheets for an interactive exploration of the animal kingdom.
    • πŸ‘Ά 100 toddler worksheets to foster early development and motor skills.
    • 🌸 200 spring activities to celebrate the wonders of the season.
    • β˜€οΈ 100 summer activities to keep the fun going during the sunny days.
    • πŸ‚ 100 autumn activities to embrace the beauty of fall and harvest time.
    • ❄️ 200 winter activities to make the most of the chilly season.
    • πŸ”’ Count & clip cards for a playful introduction to numbers and counting.
    • 🏠 My address worksheet to encourage spatial awareness and address memorization.
    • 🌞 100 editable daily routine cards to establish a structured routine effortlessly.
    • πŸ“… Daily responsibilities chart to cultivate independence and responsibility.
    • 🌈 Morning board – rainbow design to kickstart the day with enthusiasm.
    • ✏️ Morning board – editable for personalization and customization.
    • πŸ“š Homeschool planner – editable to keep lessons organized and on track.
    • 🌺 Homeschool planner – rainbow design for a vibrant and uplifting planning experience.
    • 🌸 Homeschool planner – floral design to add a touch of beauty to your educational journey.
    • ✍️ Homeschool planner – editable for tailoring it to your specific needs.
    • πŸ–ΌοΈ Posters to decorate your learning space and inspire young minds.

    With the Toddler + Pre-K + K Mega Montessori Friendly Curriculum Bundle, your kids will have a well-rounded learning experience that sparks curiosity, creativity, and a love for knowledge. From math and reading to art and organization, this comprehensive bundle has it all!

    Why wait? Give your little ones the gift of learning and fun with the Toddler + Pre-K + K Mega Montessori Friendly Curriculum Bundle. It's time to create meaningful educational experiences that your kids will cherish for a lifetime.

    πŸ’‘πŸ“š Get the Toddler + Pre-K + K Mega Montessori Friendly Curriculum Bundle today and transform learning into an exciting adventure! Don't miss out on this incredible offer.

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  • *This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT. No physical book will be shipped.

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