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  • Description
  • Looking to add a touch of celebration and education to your Juneteenth festivities at the daycare? We have the perfect solution for you: our vibrant and engaging Juneteenth Instant Downloadable Sticker Set!

    PROBLEM SOLVED: Tired of searching for the perfect Juneteenth giveaways that are both convenient and captivating? Our instant downloadable sticker set provides an engaging solution that kids will love, right at your fingertips!


    • Six unique designs: Featuring powerful symbols of Juneteenth, these stickers captivate young minds and spark conversations.
    • Two background colors: Choose between two stunning background options to match your style and create an inclusive celebration.
    • PDF & SVG Instant download: Access the sticker set immediately after purchase, no waiting for shipping! Just print these out on sticker paper, or cardstock, or use plain copy paper.

    GOAL: Our Juneteenth Instant Downloadable Sticker Set aims to educate, inspire, and spread the message of freedom while adding a dash of fun to your daycare festivities, with the added convenience of instant access!


    Introducing our Juneteenth Instant Downloadable Sticker Set, the perfect addition to your daycare's Juneteenth celebration! Each set includes six unique designs that showcase the essence of this historic holiday. From the iconic Juneteenth flag to symbols of freedom and unity, these stickers will capture the imaginations of children and facilitate meaningful discussions about African American history.

    Choose between two stunning background colors to suit your style and create a memorable Juneteenth event. With the convenience of instant download, there's no need to wait for shipping – simply access the sticker set immediately after purchase. It's the perfect solution for busy daycare owners like you!

    These visually appealing stickers serve as a tool to engage children in conversations about freedom, equality, and the significance of Juneteenth. They can be easily printed and used on notebooks, water bottles, or clothing, allowing children to proudly display their knowledge and appreciation of Juneteenth. Plus, the stickers serve as a lasting reminder of this important holiday, encouraging further exploration and learning.

    Make this Juneteenth celebration one to remember with our Juneteenth Instant Downloadable Sticker Set. Ignite young minds, spread the message of freedom, and create lasting memories. Join us in commemorating this historic event and inspiring the next generation to embrace equality and unity, with the added convenience of instant access.

    Embrace the spirit of Juneteenth and engage children in a fun and educational way with our Juneteenth Instant Downloadable Sticker Set. With its unique designs, 2-options of background colors, and instant access, this set is a must-have for daycare owners seeking convenience and impact. Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate freedom while captivating young hearts and minds. Download your Juneteenth Sticker Set today!


    After purchase, you will receive a link to download both the PDF & SVG files.

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    2. Depending on your preferred browser, you will be asked to either open or save the PDF file. Choose “open.”

    3. You may be asked to choose a program to open the PDF. Select the program you wish to use (e.g. Adobe Reader).

    4. The PDF will open, and you can begin reviewing the document.

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    3. In the context menu, select "Save As" or "Save Image As," depending on your browser or operating system.
    4. Choose the location on your computer where you want to save the SVG file. You can create a new folder if needed.
    5. Rename the file if desired or leave it as the default name.
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    7. Click "Save" or "OK" to start the download process.
    8. Wait for the file to finish downloading. The time may vary depending on the file size and your internet connection.
    9. Once the download is complete, navigate to the location where you saved the SVG file on your computer.
    10. Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded the SVG file and it's ready to be used or opened with compatible die-cutting machine software or applications.


    *This is a digital download.  It is available to print immediately.  No physical product will be mailed.

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