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"REMEMBER YOUR GOALS" Hardcover Journal Matte

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  • Description
  • Tired of your journal being as bland as last week's leftovers? Ready to infuse your daily reflections with flair and purpose? Look no further than the "REMEMBER YOUR GOALS" Matte Hardcover Journal!

    PROBLEM SOLVED: Do you often find your goals fading into the background as you navigate the chaos of daily life? Are your thoughts and aspirations scattered across random scraps of paper? This journal is your secret weapon for keeping your goals front and center, where they belong.


    • Full wraparound colorful print for a stunning look
    • 150 lined pages (that's 75 sheets!)
    • Sleek matte finish
    • Sturdy casewrap binding
    • Compact size: 5.75"x8"
    • Note: A tiny 0.5"x0.5" production barcode discreetly placed on the back cover


    Behold the "REMEMBER YOUR GOALS" Matte Hardcover Journal, your passport to a journaling experience that's personal, private, and dripping with style. It's more than a journal; it's a declaration of intent!

    Imagine cracking open this journal, and the very first thing you see is the inspiring message, "REMEMBER YOUR GOALS." It's like your own personal cheerleader, reminding you of your dreams and aspirations every time you put pen to paper. Whether you're scribbling your daily musings, sketching ideas, or setting new goals, this journal is your accomplice in purposeful living.

    With 150 lined pages (that's 75 sheets of dream-catching goodness), there's ample space for your thoughts to run wild. The matte finish lends a touch of sophistication, while the casewrap binding ensures durability for all your adventures. Plus, the discreet production barcode on the back cover won't steal the spotlight from your creative genius.

    Why should you make the "REMEMBER YOUR GOALS" Matte Hardcover Journal yours? Because your goals are worth remembering. This journal is your daily reminder that every step you take brings you closer to your dreams. It's your private sanctuary to unleash your thoughts, fears, and ambitions without judgment. And it's a stylish accessory that complements your personal style while keeping your goals within arm's reach.

    Don't let your goals fade into the background noise of life. Elevate your journaling game with the "REMEMBER YOUR GOALS" Matte Hardcover Journal. Grab one today, and let your journal become the compass that guides you to success. Your goals are waiting to be remembered!


    Height, in 8.07
    Width, in 5.71
    Depth, in 0.55