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The Purposed Driven Provider: Heroines in Early Childhood Education

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  • The art of storytelling is one of the most powerful means that leaders possess to influence, teach, and inspire. What makes storytelling so effective for learning? For starters, storytelling forges connections among people, and between people and ideas. This understanding also holds true in the business world, where an organization’s stories, and the stories its leaders tell, help solidify relationships in a way that factual statements encapsulated in bullet points or numbers do not. The Purpose Driven Provider was designed for this purpose. This love project was designed to share the dynamic stories of seven innovating women in the field of Early Childhood. It encapsulates the divine purpose of each individual and how obedience to their calling has helped in the cultivating and nurturing of the children in their care.

    Author: Ms Kriston A Cathey M.ED (Author), Ms Antoinette Ballardly (Author), Ms Adrienne Bradley (Author), Ms Catina Anderson (Author), Ms Denetra Scott (Author), Ms Melody McGuire (Author), Ms Jessica Ward (Author), Ms Teresa Murphy McDermott M.ED (Author)