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Why & How To Hire A Childcare Assistant - [INSTANT PRINTABLE/DOWNLOAD]

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  • Something most providers would agree with is that we wear many hats!  Caring for the children is certainly not all we have to do. 

    And to say that we could use help is an understatement!  But what if you could find a mini-you to help you run and grow your business?

    To be honest, I waited far too long before hiring help for my childcare business.  That is until I maxed out my enrollment and was crazy overwhelmed.  I was seriously almost to the point of tears.  I realized I HAD TO HIRE SOME HELP!

    But having never hired anyone before, I wasn't getting the best people as my assistant.  This is until I developed this specific hiring process for my business.

    Find Your Daycare Assistant!

    I took the time to develop this step-by-step system to find the best childcare assistant for my program.  It has been one of the best things I've done for my business.

    Here's what I use to find the perfect daycare assistant for your program.  I've even included the TEMPLATES that I use in my hiring process!

    A step-by-step guide to hiring the perfect assistant for your business!

    Why & How To Hire A Childcare Assistant

     *Suggested binding style. This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT.  No physical book will be shipped.

    Includes Templates!

    Are you ready to find the best candidate and hire your childcare assistant?  GREAT!  

    Most businesses have a hiring process that they use to vet applicants.  Why shouldn't we?

    And the thing is by developing a specific hiring process, you will make it even easier the next time.

    The Best Candidate!

    In Why & How To Hire A Childcare Assistant I'm sharing with you my proven method for finding and hiring only the best people for your program.  I'll show you how to advertise, try out applicants and select the perfect daycare assistant.

    It is possible to find a mini-you and get the help you need to help your childcare business thrive, and with Why & How To Hire A Childcare Assistant, I will show you exactly how it's done. 


    Why & How To Hire A Childcare Assistant

     *Suggested binding style. This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT.  No physical book will be shipped.


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