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Managing Infectious Diseases in Child Care and Schools 5th Edition: A Quick Reference Guide

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  • This award-winning guide provides child care directors, teachers, and caregivers with essential information on the prevention and management of infectious diseases in group care settings.

    The newly revised and updated fifth edition is aligned with the most recent version of the premier AAP source of information on infectious diseases,?Red Book®: 2018–2021 Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases,?31st Edition. The robust section of more than 55 quick reference fact sheets on common infectious diseases and symptoms has been expanded to include a new sheet on croup.

    Additionally, the forms have been updated to align with?Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards; Guidelines for Early Care and Education Programs,?4th Edition, and there is a new form, “Infections Caused by Interactions of Humans?With Pets and Wild Animals.” As always, the guide is easy to use, providing clear, authoritative guidance on limiting the spread of infection.

    Editors: Susan S. Aronson, MD, FAAP, Tomothy R Shope, MD, MPH, FAAP