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The Top 100 Recipes for Brainy Kids by Christine Bailey

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  • Description
  • by  Christine Bailey  (Author)


    Foods high in fat, salt, and sugar may be convenient, but they can play havoc with kids’ concentration levels, and impact mood swings and overall behavior. In The Top 100 Foods for Brainy Kids, leading nutritionist Christine Bailey offers exciting ideas for dishes that will boost your child’s brain power all day long. Start his day with a delicious breakfast or pack a school lunch with a Vegetarian Sesame Seed Burger. Serve her Salmon Fish Cakes for dinner, or treat them to one of the scrumptious snacks or desserts. With nutritional information, at-a-glance reference symbols, and handy tips on preparation and storage, this book makes it simple to provide your child with a balanced, nutritious diet packed with brain-enhancing ingredients they will love.

      Softbound, 144 pages