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Anti-Bias Curriculum for the Preschool Classroom

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  • Proactive anti-bias & play-based practice

    The YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education's anti-biased and play-based curriculum uses practical and real-life experiences to support teacher learning and practice. With thrilling success in 2016, 94% of infants through preschoolers enrolled in this program were on track with age-appropriate development. This curriculum is flexible enough to accommodate state or local standards while remaining open to children's ideas, interests, and questions. 

    The YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education's anti-bias, play-based curriculum is a framework that can be used with any other curriculum. It uses an anti-bias lens that focuses and builds children’s awareness from self to friend to neighborhood and community. A time-tested framework from the YWCA Minneapolis, a program with an esteemed reputation for high-quality early childhood education, the curriculum uses racial equity work, racial and ethnic backgrounds, abilities, gender equity, and inclusion at the roots of its practice. This tool can be used with any assessment and includes a glossary and index.

    184 pages

    Age Focus: 2-5

    Author: YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education Department