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Family Child Care Record Keeping Guide, 9th Edition Author: Tom Copeland

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  • Everything you need to keep accurate records for your family child care business and save money on your taxes

    Operating a family child care program can be both difficult and rewarding. Few people give as much of themselves or accept more responsibility than you do as a family child care provider. And few are more deserving of the satisfaction that comes from helping children learn and grow. However, there are other challenges that are equally important—taking care of your business by tracking your expenses, doing your taxes, and meeting government requirements.

    This resource covers everything you need to keep accurate business records and save money on your taxes. If you pay close attention to the recommendations in this book, you will be able to claim the maximum allowable deductions and pay the lowest possible federal taxes.

    This latest edition of Family Child Care Record-Keeping Guide includes descriptions of two new IRS depreciation rules that make it much easier to deduct items you previously had to depreciate. It also explains why you should avoid using a new Simplified Method to claim house expenses that benefits other home-based businesses, but not family child care providers. New clarifications on bartering, claiming hours as part of the Time-Space percentage, non-deductible expenses, bundled utility expenses, travel expenses, gifts, conducting a household inventory, business meals, and red flags are provided, as well as new links to outside resources where the latest tax information can be accessed. The information in this book applies to child care providers in every state, regardless of local regulations.

    Softbound, 216 pages