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No Biting 3rd Edition: Solutions and Support for Toddler Programs

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  • Description
  • Description
  • Biting is an issue that is more than skin-deep.

    It can affect any toddler in any setting and can have developmental, emotional, or environmental causes. An “unfortunately not unexpected” occurrence among toddlers, biting is more than a physical act. It is a serious, complicated issue that brings frustration to the biter, bitee, parents, and child care providers. This book offers technique-building advice for approaching biting in ways that work effectively for everyone involved.

    No Biting, Third Edition, is expanded and updated with chapters that include consultation and technical assistance on biting for infant-toddler specialists and a ready-to-use teacher training curriculum, organized into eight short training modules.

    Perhaps no other concern in toddler programs challenges teachers and parents as much as biting does. This how-to handbook helps you work through biting with successful strategies and trusted guidance.

    200 pages

    Author: Gretchen Kinnell

    AVAILABLE VERSIONS:  Softbound book, Trainer's Book & CD Set, Powerpoint Training CD ROM