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Project Approach for All Learners: A Hands-On Guide for Inclusive Early Childhood Classrooms

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  • Description
  • Description
  • A Hands-On Guide for Inclusive Early Childhood Classrooms

    A proven and popular teaching method, the Project Approach engages the natural curiosity of children through in-depth investigations of topics that capture their interest. Now there's a guidebook that helps you use this child-centered approach to reach and teach all learners in your early childhood classroom—regardless of background or ability.

    Developed by a team of experts that includes Project Approach leader Lilian G. Katz, this book is your go-to guide to implementing project-based learning in inclusive early childhood classrooms. You'll discover how to support diverse groups of students as they study real world topics that fascinate them, play detective with peers to find answers to questions, and show what they've learned in interesting and creative ways. You'll also get practical, start-to-finish guidance on how to apply the Project Approach, including a complete package of training materials, examples of successful projects from real inclusive classrooms, and a Project Approach Implementation Checklist that helps you use the approach effectively.

    Learn how to:

  • Use the Project Approach in combination with universal design for learning (UDL) strategies

  • Choose a compelling project topic that encourages hands-on learning in inclusive settings

  • Teach children effective strategies for investigating the topic and conducting research

  • Build on children's natural motivation by actively engaging and listening to them

  • Make the most of each child's individual strengths and expertise during project work

  • Support children in representing their learning through displays and presentations

  • Offer accommodations and supports that meet diverse learning needs


    Authors: Sallee Beneke, Lilian Katz   Editor: Michaelene Ostrosky