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Recipes for Messy Play, Revised: 40 Fun Sensory Experiences for Young Learners

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  • Description
  • Description
  • 40 fun sensory experiences for young learners

    Messy play is one of the great joys of early childhood. Not only is it tons of fun, it offers so many opportunities to learn. Through engaging in messy play, young children:

    • learn about their senses
    • build literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional skills
    • experiment with and explore the properties of the solutions
    • learn color mixing, patterns, design, texture, and rhythm
    • develop hand-eye coordination

    Recipes for Messy Play uses 40 fun, open-ended and creative recipes for children that can be used both in the early childhood education setting and at home. All of the recipes can be easily replicated with readily available ingredients. Full of innovative recipes and beautiful color photography of messy play in action, this book takes a modern and environmentally friendly approach to messy play.

    Easel backed, self-standing package, for easy reading. This revised edition has been beautifully redesigned.

    48 pages

    Author: Cathy Sheppard